The Studio

Amidst the global pandemic and the inevitable climate emergency, it is the perfect moment to radically redefine how we perceive, conceive and construct our urban environment.

The Internet of Buildings studio, part of IAAC’s MaCT course, combines computational urban design, data analytics, integrated simulation and interactive interfaces to understand and propose solutions for the future challenges of our cities.

The Approach

The studio attempts a holistic analysis for Barcelona’s Poblenou district, working in as a transdisciplinary team.

The research is organised in discrete but interconnected clusters which address key future challenges that inform this collective interface.

The Methodology

The five research clusters follow a multi-layered, multi-scalar and inter-temporal methodology. Our aim is to understand the current, imminent and future challenges of the city from the building to the urban scale.

The People

This platform has been developed through the collaboration and hard work of everyone involved in the Internet of Buildings Studio, including the MaCT students, the IAAC faculty, the Decode Creative team as well as the reviewers and lecturers whose feedback has shaped this research. We thank each and everyone deeply for their painstaking effort!


Arina Novikova

Kshama Patil

Simone Grasso

Sinay Coşkun

Stefania-Maria Kousoula

Ivan Reyes Cano

Mario José González Nevárez

Matteo Murat

Miguel Angel Tinoco Hernandez

Sasan Bahrami

Aishath Nadh Ha Naseer

Alvaro Cerezo Carrizo

Juan Pablo Pintado Miranda

Marta Maria Galdys

Riccardo Palazzolo Henkes

Iñigo Esteban

Kevin Gabriel Aragón Ruiz

Laura Figueiredo Guimarães

Leyla Saadi

Sridhar Subramani

Adriana Aguirre Such

Diana Roussi

Dongxuan Zhu

Hebah Qatanany

Tugdual Sarazin


Angelos Chronis | Head of CIL, AIT

Senior Faculty - Studio Lead

Iacopo Neri | MaCT Faculty, IAAC

Computational Expert

Mahsa Nikoufar | PhD Candidate, ENU

Teaching Assistant

Androniki Pappa | Marie-Currie Fellow, ISCTE

Design Communication

Alex Mademochoritis | MaCT Coordinator

Reviewers & Lecturers

Areti Markopoulou | Academic Director, IAAC

Daniel Horak | PhD Candidate, AIT

Diego Pajarito | MaCT Faculty, IAAC

Emanuele Naboni | Associate Professor, KADT

Iris Belle | Leading Consultant, Drees & Sommer

Johannes Muller | Scientist, AIT

José Sánchez | Assistant Professor, USC

Katherine Liapi | Professor, University of Patras

Kathrin DiPaola | Head of Programs, DWIH

Mathilde Marengo | Head of Studies, IAAC

Petra Dzruovcinova | CIO, Bratislava

Reinhard Koenig | Professor, Bauhaus University

Theresa Fink | Research Engineer, AIT

Valina Geropanta | Assistant Professor, TU Crete

Web Interface

Anna Kampani | Co-Founder, Decode Creative

Christos Chatzakis | Co-Founder, Decode Creative